Senior female watches – top craft art is great reward

Watches decorative craft has always been a very important part of advanced tabulation.Only a fusion of wrist watch manual art hour meter to be eligible for known as works of art.Wholesale replica rolex is more and more popular.

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The heart is the size of the dial art masters of art creation infinite space.Those heavy and complicated and changeable enamel craft, golden eagle, shell carving craft.The micro painting technology, embedded technology… Have a plenty of ancient heritage, have a plenty of innovation in the wonderful hand of master of art.It always can present special wonderful scene.

At the same time, because is pure manual creation, therefore, like art, craft decoration watches have not replication, the price also for rare and expensive. , perhaps because women than men more easily attracted by art, craft decoration in the wrist watch, again with a female watches for the most.

Because it can finish top technology level of the craft master does not see more, so the fusion of a top-tier technology watches also have very nice. And it can be two or more top process fusion in a wrist watch. It is harder. This is in advanced ms technology watches often see wonderful. For advanced lady wrist watch, craft masters always don’t want to disappoint.

18 k rose gold watch case and bezel set with diamonds.It is 37 mm in diameter. Gold dial, sculpture, painting, Mosaic and so on the many kinds of fusion process.At 6 o ‘clock position with the tourbillon. Brand homemade BVL 236 automatic mechanical movement, 64 hours of dynamic storage. Alligator strap. Serial number: 102343.

Bulgari’s new art garden series not only created more gorgeous jewelry.And many senior lady full of artistic breath process wrist watch.The IL GIARDINO LARIANO wrist watch is one of them. It inspired by lake como, elegant nobility with the white swan of inlaid of snow sky graceful and restrained.It is jade-like stone white feathers with pink gradient in grey blue Tahiti on the surface of the mother-of-pearl inlay which full of luster. The creation of the whole picture, applying a variety of craft technique, gold dial base within fill enamel process of golden eagle carved out of the groove. On this basis, the inlaid diamond snowflakes in the sky, mother-of-pearl lake marquetry, swan model of gradient draw. Eventually reach a picture.

Cartier series orchid wrist watch blue balloons
18 k platinum, bezel set with diamonds, 42 mm in diameter. 18 k gold dial, 22 k gold metal bead fusion process, shell carving process, the enamel process. Automatic mechanical movement, crocodile leather strap, independent number, set limit to 40.

Orchids are Cartier image, one of the important signs of the Cartier orchid Cartier watches fusion various process. First is kadeya ancient heritage of innovation metal bead technology as the background, and then with natural mother-of-pearl carving out the image of orchids, and decorated with metal bead, finally the orchid flowers with red enamel burn becomes. It may be said, three orchid flowers, three top processes.

Spell exclusive innovation process
In the decoration process of wrist watch, in addition to the old tradition, common enamel, engraving, such as micro will traditional process, there are some along with the development of watchmaking, and full of innovative forms of technology, the craft debut, is always amazing, amazing process a whim of the grand masters and exquisite craft. At the same time, the innovation process also becomes the artistic talents.
18 k rose gold case, diamond bezel, 38 mm in diameter. White K gold dial, crested in red bird with fine feather trim craft decoration, supplemented by hard stone setting process. Manual chain mechanical movement, crocodile leather strap, set limit to 22.

Everybody for van cleef’s Extraordinary Dials ™ series wrist watch has special dial is not strange, wrist watch, one of the four bird subject in Asia in 2015 Hong Kong international advanced clocks show once appearance, is cause for concern. While at the same time attract the public attention is the achievement of the four fine feather bird with technology, with real feathers reshape four bird image, this is the first time van cleef using innovative technology, the crested in red bird is one of them.

When harry Winston zhuo Premier series Precious Butterfly 36 mm automatic watches
Watch case, 18 k platinum diamond bezel, 36 mm in diameter, craft decoration dial, automatic movement.
Harry Winston in wrist has always been good at decoration process is full of imagination and innovation. When new zhuo Premier series Precious Butterfly wrist watch is full of magnificent landscape and color, and the mysterious gloss and colour, is derived from the powder on the butterflies’ wings. The powder is a kind of to reflect wonderful iridescent sheen tiny scales, the craftsmen were successfully extracted from the butterfly wings the powder, and the coating on the dial carefully, reminiscent of the beauty of the change of colours. In order to achieve this bold idea, craftsmen spent three years time, only mastering the sole process.

The masters found elsewhere
As we all know, a fusion of the top manual craft wrist watch its value has gone way beyond the meter itself, almost as a valuable works of art, and achievement process the value of the wrist watch, on the one hand, on the one hand, is a watchmaker is master process. And this can is one of the few crafters of master in the world, we can see the fusion of the same kind of different wrist top technology, are likely to be from the same craft master hand.

To watch the enamel craft, an excellent enamel is not ten years, twenty years of strength training is impossible of achievement. The most active in the Swiss national independent Anita Porchete enamel division, brands such as chanel, earl to cooperation with them. At the same time, because of the enamel craft of vision loss is very serious, a fine gold enamel division writing time but also more than ten, twenty years. Plus the enamel process is time-consuming, an excellent enamel a years also won’t have too much work.The real master works are very rare, are often found elsewhere.
18 k white gold case, enchase 78 round beauty (about 0.7 -carat), 38 mm in diameter, dial with large flame miniature enamel craft paint eve the count rose pattern. The count system carrying 430 p on ultra-thin manual chain mechanical movement. Silk quality strap with 18 k white gold button clasp. Unique design, a global set limit. Ref. G0A38083.

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