The unique lundgren honey gold of Aliexpress rolex

Case of precious metals material, usually with gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum that several. As Germany’s wrist watch macrobrachia lundgren meticulous study on technology,it is not only in material research and development has been striving for. In addition to the common metals, there is a famous long gold industry in the use of special favorites, honey.


The mystery Alibaba Watches of the material
So, lundgren patent gold honey how unique? And let’s take a closer view. Common 18 k gold, for example, in addition to the 75% of the gold inside, the remaining 25% of the components in silver and copper alloy. Honey and 18 k gold, 75% is also gold, in front of and behind 25% of composition has quietly changed. Not only has copper, manganese and zinc in the aid of the two “presence”. These three metals according to certain proportion in harmony, be deduced to get warm and romantic color, to bring a watch of wrist of another amorous feelings.

Honey no gold that make public, also does not have the kind of noble pride platinum. It seemed to be a polite and treat people hold regularly, is measured. Honey gold not only appearance, but high level, in terms of performance, also so special. Compared with gold, resistance to wear, it is easy to polish, and compared with platinum, it has higher hardness. Honey uncommon features of gold, very suiwatches for TAB. Aliexpress rolex with swiss movement.


Former glory
Since lundgren developed golden honey, it is in the family of brand yi yi is unripe brightness. As early as 2010, lundgren in order to celebrate the 165th anniversary of the arrival of the brand, as well as to the founder ferdinando adolf lundgren, launched three new “165 — to salute, ferdinando adolf lundgren, series” wrist watch. All three watches with original golden honey, functional aspects, respectively covers the tourbillon timing, stop seconds the tourbillon, and phases of the moon.

Honey gold wrist watch with less quantity scarce, exquisite workmanship, the auction market performance is excellent. Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in April 2013, with a long honey king Richard Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Merite” Handwerskunst wrist of applause. The wrist watch limited 15 total MEDALS, enter the field of this watch is one of the 8, in the end, in a ‘brawn, the watches for 289350 euro, it was 62% higher than its store retail price also!

The watch the tourbillon and sesame chain the two complex functions in one. Dancing the tourbillon, not only the dynamic aesthetic feeling of the mechanical watch play incisively and vividly, also has the second stop function. Since Abraham – Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon, it has been one of the most famous clock complex function. Although Breguet invented the tourbillon, and make it through the rotating, maximum overcome gravity walking in clocks and watches, but didn’t solve the problem of how to turn the tourbillon stopped. The problem, let countless master offspring poor through, in the end, the only hope “tuo” market. Until the emergence of lundgren, it solved. Lundgren patent the tourbillon second stop device, can let the tourbillon move, also can let the tourbillon stop. When the tourbillon stopped, the small second hand above suspension at the same time, which can more accurately adjust. And the chain of sesame, clock and watch used for ship. It is a kind of precision, similar to a bicycle chain device, power that can make the wrist watch even release, help clocks go more accurate.


Besides Richard Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Merite” Handwerskunst wrist, lundgren also have launched three new honey gold wrist watch, were launched in 2005 limited 50 TOURBOGRAPH “Pour le Merite”; At the turn of the millennium, with stop second function of Lange 1 the tourbillon watches and set limit to 265, 1815 the moon watches.

TOURBOGRAPH “Pour le Merite”
Lange 1 the tourbillon wristwatch
Watch of wrist of 1815 of the phases of the moon
When honey gold meets 1815
1815 is long an important series, the series and brand founder adolf lundgren is intimately involved. 200 years ago, in 1815, dresden, Germany was born of a clock and watch the epic wizard – adolf lundgren. He have been taught by master of tabulation, Keith quickly mastered all the skills TAB. In the days that follow the ancient, Keith, adolf lundgren tabulation technology in addition to learning, even studied English and French. He clearly realized that in order to perfect their tabulation skills, must visit the tabulation town of France, Switzerland and the UK. Then, after completing their studies in the class, Keith, adolf lundgren temporarily don’t native Germany, began to study career in Europe. He carried a diary, record the European see, learn, and felt during the travel. In addition to a plan of a lot of movement, to record the mathematical calculation of the gear and CAM, adolf lundgren also took the lead in the diary of a metric system introduce the watchmaking.


Lundgren founder ferdinando, adolf lundgren
In Germany, he said the residents of the town for centuries has been mining for a living. By the early 19th century, due to the mineral resources, the local people’s life. Adolf lundgren is not a man will only in tabulation, he still has the noblesse breasts. In order to help the case he town residents to improve the life, in 1845, adolf lundgren, with master craftsmanship, with the heart is the livelihood of the people of integrity. He arrived, as if a shining stars, reflect the remote town. On December 7, 1845, formally opened lundgren watches factory, from now on,, he said, people can support a family by working in a factory. German precision tabulation, because had adolf lundgren, then there is the light and heat. In order to commemorate the contribution adolf lundgren, lundgren launch in 1995, the 1815 series. 1815, since the birth of the day is branded with the adolf lundgren distinctive personal mark.

Ferdinando, adolf lundgren first tabulation plant
2015 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of adolf lundgren, also is the 25th anniversary of the unification, in order to remember the brand of a landmark in the history of history and Germany, and salute to adolf lundgren, exhibition of WW watches this year, lundgren launched six wrist watch, one is with honey gold production of 1815 limited wrist watch. Watch of wrist of a diameter of 40 mm, set limit to 200, precious. Casing on engraved with the serial number of 001/200 to 200/200.

1815 “200th Anniversary f. a. Lange” 18 k honey color king memorial
With honey, watch color jade gratifying, studied, its gleaming, exquisite and elegant. Dial with silver grain adornment, in history, this kind of decoration in lundgren observatory watchess and more sailing clock. The collocation of black Arabic numerals scale, time scale and orbital type let the wrist watch is concise and practical to perfection. Paragraphs that honey gold 1815 limited wrist carrying type composed of 188 parts L051.1 chain on the manual machine, power storage for 55 hours. Instant, in other words, don’t wear a watch over the weekend, also can ensure normal walking of wrist watch. Due to the wrist watch is equipped with a second device, 6 position rhythm of the small second hand, can at any time by engraved with the brand German full name of the crown to pause, make up more convenient.

Honey gold wrist watch with sapphire crystal bottom cover 1815 limited, movement groomed by hand, assembly, and after five parties a set-up. Both brassy gold sleeve, and manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork balance cock, or the elegant chic gooseneck fine-tuning, all passed the German advanced tabulation history origin and unique aesthetic.

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