Which you like more match-ups between Wine tasting and playing watches

Wine is full of spiritual wine, sweet and not greasy thick not stab throat alcohol.Only wisps of aroma, light acidity, color slightly.It will leave after drinking a let a person enchanted, delicious. Red wine as a kind of wine is very special.The taste of wine is both simple and complex.It is a beautiful and profound essay.It needs quiet patience to read. On the wrist watch is also a kind of need and worth taste, its added value has gone far beyond the use value, on a precision mechanical objects, watch of wrist of convey the spirit of the brand, reflect a person’s taste, temperament, identity, etc. Wine and watch are the favorites of man, when the two opposites, do you prefer wine or play watches, or both are short of one cannot?
In exile in Paris a “Lost Generation” (Lost Generation) American writer often sipping wine in the cafes and salons, general thinking about philosophical issues. In the feast of the flow, Hemingway once said, “in Europe, we usually think that wine is a kind of like food, health and ordinary drinks.It is also the source of happiness, health and joy. Drinking wine does not represent a snob, also is not the symbol of breeding.More is not used for religious worship ceremony. Drink wine, like to eat, or the lack of hard for me. I can’t imagine without wine, cigars and beer a meal how to swallow belly.”

Visible, from the ancient men never stopped for wine. And wrist watch also has a long history, the history of the years for these two things instead of dilute, but make them more and more influences on people, friendship is also more and more strong.

Wine VS selecting watches
Red wine is brewed with fresh grapes or grape juice after fermentation of alcoholic beverages, due to different grape quality and origin of each have differences, pick wine can have a variety of ways, for example, refer to the price of wine, year, producing area, varieties, taste, and so on and so forth, as space is limited, in the small make up only about two common ways.

Price is the most intuitive for outsiders or professional factors, so in practical application is more easy to operate. Cheap wine, dozens to hundreds of thousands of expensive wine, or even hundreds of thousands. Different countries or different distribution channels, the price will have change. Primary embodiment is a bottle of good wine in the vine in the whole year’s hard work, all of these costs are reflected in this bottle of wine. In addition, the year is also one aspect of a lot of people think much, then there is a “good year”, with taste will be different. Such as French wine depends on pricing, grape vintage stand or fall with the grape harvest before how much rain, the rain is too much grapes whose partial light. In 1991 and 1992, for example, bordeaux has rainy season, as a result, these two years of grapes are not sweet, thin skin, obviously insufficient and the wine taste bad. Bosses often made the year watches compares the wine, it is for this reason.

To choose a suiwatches for their own good watches are as important as choosing wine, tasting a good watches also has a lot of factors, can refer to watch price, brand, production material, have the function and so on. Price nature is the primary factor, the second is the brand. Big history may be a more traditional classics, emerging brand has more modern elements, two each has his strong point, but big often through the test of history in the more powerful vitality. A big except with strong economic strength, and accumulated hundreds of years of cultural background, from the designer’s equipped with design, material selection to the wrist watch will choose the best, to show their unique brand characteristics. When you frame the price of the watch and brand, in according to the requirement of the other to pick, would be easy to some.

Open wine VS jie membrane
When you have a bottle of good wine, wine is a process full of expectation, contains the years of deposition and the grade of the life. Bottle is not only a packaging of wine, its shape, size and color is like a garment, and the wine is as a whole. And elegant bottle movement is a kind of art, in foreign countries, have special open wine sommelier, they drive is a kind of professional wine show.
Open wine as a first step, with a bottle first knife cut along the edge of bottle mouth section envelope, and use the blade GouChu. Note that cutting action is a hand along the circle turn, rather than turning at the bottom of the bottle. Because if is adopt, slag deposition wine bottle is normal, turn the bottle often float the precipitation, affect beautiful. The second step, using wet meal cloth to wipe bottle, removal of dust, in order to avoid mildew ash drifting into the wine, affect the taste. Want to know how gray is normal, don’t say wine have gone bad. Third step, insert the tip of the screw drill vertically into the middle of the cork, don’t put beside, lest the cork fracture, fall into the wine. In clockwise direction, breaking through the cork.
For watches, jie membrane thrill and excitement can completely and open the mood of red wine. Membrane is a factory in order to prevent friction in the process of transportation, ensure that customers buy to watch the surface without damage. A lot of people to buy all kinds of new products of film as a kind of enjoyment, while for the wrist watch jie membrane more feel – are sexy. This rolex watch on 18 original film, there are large and small each uncover a there is a new kind of expectation, it is said that just opened the membrane wrist watch, the luster of the metal glaring Edward Chen, the gloss on each watch will appear only once, after how to renovate, membrane to repair to no avail. That kind of luster only belongs to the appearance of the first time, after it has exclusive you a person, know the watches will be will be done the work carefully and enjoy.
Wine tasting and playing watches one which you love more match-ups
VS reward watches wine tasting
The taste of the wine is an art of learning, don’t like beer is dry, red wine to drink up some more grade. The first step is the red wine wine temperature control. Traditional temperature is cool and refreshing drink red wine at room temperature, between 18 and 21 ℃, under this temperature, all sorts of vintage wine are in the best state. Bottle after cold red wine red wine tannins features than cool at room temperature will be even more significant, thus more astringent taste. Drinking is the right thing to use finger to hold the pillars of goblet instead of in their hands a cup, cause otherwise different affects the coordination of wine wine temperature.
Wine tasting and playing watches one which you love more match-ups
In order to make aging are more taste red wine, we need to, we let the wine after fully exposed to air, oxidation, full-bodied fragrance is revealed. The process time is one hour is best, bouquet of atmosphere. Can pour at this moment, a goblet is most in need, can choose a general 6 oz glass (drink any wine, it is very suiwatches for glass. It is medium size of belly up gradually shrinking, the wine aroma is sent directly to the glass), pour glass tapped into red wine, as the liquid slowly into the cup, in a transparent glass that red is enough to hold up person heart.
Before the entrance of the wine in glass deeply sniffing, at this time has been able to appreciate the fragrance of wine, fruit wine fragrance is very heavy, and wine is the unabashed individuality deep inside collect. Swallowed a mouthful of wine, let the wine in the mouth more stop for a minute, two roll on the tongue, and then take a deep breath to sensory wine, fully experience the last swallow all, feel the taste of sweet and sour, a faint fragrance lingering among them immediately.
Wrist watch and wine although belong to two different attributes, but both need to step by step, can learn the beauty of them. Behind “, the so-called “sprung surprises more worth pondering, one pace reachs the designated position or quick way will only waste of the wrist watch every detail of all kinds of connotation and carve, failed to live up to master a piece of heart.
Enjoy a watches from the appearance of the first, with the visual perception to touch the heart, everyone will encounter at the first sight of wrist watch. Breguet watches from his bones, for example, inherited breguet’s noble descent, with the pure royal blood. Long watches microscopically, sapphire blue fisheye pointer and dexterity, phases of the moon shows the icing on the cake, in addition, dial the groove illuminative hand-carved gold silver design, delicate and beautiful. Match with 18 k rose gold, watchcase crocodile leather strap, every detail design and material selection of inherited breguet consistent style.
Wine tasting and playing watches one which you love more match-ups
Seen the appearance, will further understand the internal structure, like red wine only after tasting have a true feeling. Compared with ETA movement system of this kind of many brands of general movement, the brand development, design, manufacturing alone produced movement can reflect the real brand strength more. Many use ETA movement in high-grade brand, will be in the flagship series or high-priced watches can carry its movement, each movement also have their own characteristics, like lundgren movement, version of the road is unique, decoration luxury, been a favourite watches friend; Rolex movement is plain, but the movement is very “strong” precise solid, is hidden beneath the bottom lid, also cannot hide its super power. Finally, when the wrist wear in hand, you can realize that kind of close feeling, feeling the brand with honor and high quality.
Wine tasting and playing watches one which you love more match-ups
Different quality of red wine grapes taste have subtle differences from natural, wrist watch, different design and material also can produce different types of watches. Wine is more taste more sweet, watches is playing more and more in love, add a little red wine let life lasting appeal, wrist watch, let the life more precise, both will bring different experiences and feelings to the person, good at ease.
Conclusion: sweet red wine the grapes and oak flavor melts into the wine, the beer of wine with fresh acid and fruity sweet, elegant, it is conceivable that will taste man must be very attractive. In downy lamplight, shake the cup “tears of wine”, hanging on the hands of any adornment is redundant, only can watch and the battle of the sun, because the sample bottle have s first feeling, as if I meet an old friend, time is the best winemaker, wrist watch is the best companion.Where to Aliexpress rolex in USA?

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