Aliexpress Rolex and omega, the competition until now

Replica Rolex by Hans Wilsdorf brand registered in 1908. At the beginning of the brand is on the way of accurate chronometer forward briskly, as early as 1910.Replica Rolex watch will become the first won the Swiss bil.Swiss chronometer certificates issued by the official clocks rating center of wrist watch. Four years later, the British KEW observatory for Replica Rolex watches A level certificate.At the time, this level is generally navigation precision meter is able to obtain and test requirements more stringent. Since then,Aliexpress  Rolex watches became the symbol of the precision meter.

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1933 series of prince (prince) watches, carrying the early years of the prince.With bigger balance wheel with box spring and all movement by 6 in a set-up azimuth calibration in some cases, 7, 8, is probably the earliest observatory of quality products. Thus it is easy to understand why prince series of comeback in 2005 has an observatory, due to cut into lini series, also make the lini series appeared first in the history of the observatory wrist watch. Because Wang Zibiao, has been in the way of precise characteristic.

Replica Rolex observatory edge tool of super torsion pendulum
With Replica Rolex, early in the development of automatic movement is on a roll.When all institutions still struggling with how to try to make the chain more simple and effective, the brand has been developed in 1931 of the world’s first 360 degrees on the automatic chain mechanism, and the number of patent application.

Under the protection of patent, standard, the automatic movement like cotton continue towards precise observatory throughout the movement level column description “or no observatory” annotations are numbered, and pick up such movement of the bubble back (mercifully back) as well as Wang Zibiao represent accurate chronometer.
Observatory in Switzerland in the 1960 s, the basic is Replica Rolex watches.


Compared with Replica Rolex, by Louis Brandt debut in 1848 to the omega is earlier than Replica Rolex, the wrist watch but didn’t appear until 1940 years ago in the observatory’s record. But clearly a omega based on the method of its famous 19 points movement handed over another answer, it is 30 t2 movement, appeared set various observatory record, become a generation of classic. Since then, observatory light shines through, to assume. 30 t2 soon be modified into automatic machine core, namely the 3-series movement, although is only a bump tuo, but with the constellation series, making its debut in 1952 with department as a major offensive. As Replica Rolex 360 degrees automatically tuo patent expired in 1948, omega has 5 series machine automatic tuo menacing carrying 360 degrees. Late into the omega constellation series is known for it’s accuracy against Replica Rolex, throughout the 1960 s, the observatory certification number than Replica Rolex, the production of 5 series 7 series machine with excellent performance and high quality let omega reap the benefits of the observatory hegemon. And the two rivals have been off other brands become observatory watch two big overlords.


30 t2
Electronic meter when the polarization of The Times
Who can deny that quartz storm hit for an entire manufacturing, the aforementioned observatory matches, also in quartz storm, announced the suspension of the game in 1968, shortly after, the council and Japan won under the pressure, thoroughly to stop the observatory contest held for one hundred years.
Omega f8192
For Replica Rolex and omega the rival, is also in quartz storm chose a different direction. Have words said: today’s choice, can lead to later have no other choice. The importance of YanChong, to see a choice. But has turned head thought fine, then win the omega of raised eyebrows all over the world, with precision in the same for the purpose of accurate quartz project research and development and production of participation must be very high. Brand as early as in 1964 began to have the digital watch. In many big brands of BETA group developed quartz movement, Replica Rolex and omega have played an indispensable role. Major publications such as the famous BETA21 movement, omega is developed based on f 8192 movement, even on the way to the pursuit of more refined, more accurate after spare no effort to develop packaging for 2.359.296 hz frequency resonator, namely 2.4 MHz machine core, and its mechanical movement is waning.


In contrast, Replica Rolex, although involved in developing the quartz movement, but not a large number of use this movement has not been through extensive certification at the time, some put into use for a long period of time after the quartz movement is test, at the same time, has not given up the r&d and production of mechanical movement, was born in quartz period of excellent mechanical movement is still not in the minority, Replica Rolex let it chose conservative and old rivals omega different path.
After the glory is bleak, quartz s and ninety s after the storm became the decline phase of the omega, unavoidably to SOB. And Replica Rolex rapid rise again soon, in a dominant position.
Catching up coaxial change destiny
After the failure of inner and collectivization management market positioning to re-examine, let omega started a new round of adjustment. 1999 Cal. 1999 movement to Cal. 1120 movement on the basis of the core components escapement structure change, in many doubts, 2500 core is still firmly through the four stages of continuous improvement. As this type of market to adapt to the later, in 2007 started to qualitative leap, revolutionary produced coaxial movement Cal. 8500/8501 of the available let omega finally completed. From movement mechanism to material selection, which conveys its determination to want to back into contention. As for coaxial stopwatch with assessment report and the Replica Rolex of comparison in this will not be here.
Of coaxial escapement in the contribution of the precision on when the there is no specific data confirmed, and the machine core technology of advanced or not is not only determined by the way of escapement, it would be a demand for lubrication coaxial reduce has given it a more long-term maintenance cycle, after the launch of the Si14 silicon balance spring but also enjoy the four years of after-sales service guarantee, has become a brand marketing effective driving force.
With coaxial movement as an effective protection, omega began to move markets.
The competition of the 21st century
After fifteen years of ice age – quartz storms, ice and snow began to melt. In the 21st century science and technology to promote the development of the society at the same time, also promote the development of a watchmaking. Core parts of launching gradually upgrade and update.
The Replica Rolex Parachrom hairspring arises at the historic moment under the search for precision, still keep the conservative low-key style. New alloy balance spring’s appearance is not the sky a loud noise, but quietly in the part of the model tests after the initial market gradually promote the use.
The same and new shock Paraflex promotion, the original suspension KIF suspension effect could be improved by more than 50%. On the choice of suspension brand, Replica Rolex chose from the start with Incabloc stalwart omega different KIF. Into the 21st century, Europe began to use new Nivachoc suspension, the seismic resistance of ascension movement.
About the magnetic watches, is not the product of new era. Replica Rolex Milgauss series as early as 1958 before forming, there are a lot of magnetically watches production, omega also early before the Railmaster series launched in magnetically watches technology has certain accumulation. Only this did not win the good market response of heterogeneous product even quietly disappeared. The 21st century, Replica Rolex has, Milgauss back on the market after a series of redesigning the packaging, the same lightning with 1000 gauss magnetic needle can cause the good market response. And omega aspect not to be outdone, at the beginning of last year launched a magnetically 15000 gauss Cal. 8508 core, bee needle stung to lightning, the company is in real magnetically watches as a booth, vigorously promote the from the initial to the final prevention from nature to solve the problems the new weapon of anti magnetic effect. Limelight the omega 56-point thrashing, sheng Si14 silicon material balance spring, from 2008 to 2013 the magnetic watches, until this year the Basel advocate “of coaxial, omega in the era of coaxial use materials and technology combined with the successful implementation of the magnetically watches production. Old rivals, conservative Replica Rolex finally, mood.according also on this year’s Basel quietly launched called Syloxi silicon hair, conservative nature is still not changed, quietly in the case of the 2236 movement, put the original plots in the female money Day – just drill watches, will also be back in recent years silicon material with colorful omega, is also began to try different material than the application.
There is also a have to mention the subject is the ceramic process. Replica Rolex, starting in 2005 to promote ceramic until 13 years and this year’s double color coke double-color inter circle, technically from dark to bright colors, color from monochrome to color matching, within a few years time has achieved the leading level in the industry. Old rival omega, how to give up this good chance and market share competition, thus in the hippocampus at the beginning of the year issued with orange ceramic ring series Marine watch of wrist of the universe, that with a bright orange left a deep impression to the person, to the World Cup of orange ocean, believes the Dutch fans will like it.
Celebrity effect
Celebrity effect in the final analysis is a kind of conformity in the broadest sense of the term. So many people choose the product, or I try it?
President in the history of many famous brand loyalists. But in the use of celebrity effect and significant events a packing, omega is more bold and direct.
During the Apollo moon landing watches with the aura of super series, people gradually forgotten Replica Rolex exist in the field of aerospace. In fact in the development of the aerospace watches, two also spared no effort and popular. Replica Rolex GMT original birth is derived from the cooperation with Pan Am, becomes its official after launch timing wrist watch, even in the mouth of a lot of astronauts, Replica Rolex is a popular brand of daily wear. Continuously injected into the heavens after omega can promote capital and r&d capital to build super series to improve and promote it.
As one hundred Olympic partner, omega being held before the winter Olympics in sochi again spread to CCTV channel, creative advertising is tie-in touching melody, between words will be “omega coaxial, mechanical movement extraordinary masterpiece” a brief word again into the heart.
In addition, the choice of the James bond has long been a interesting topic. Take the baton from the hand of the Replica Rolex omega, success became the sixth of 007 James bond’s choice, Daniel Craig wearing omega hippocampal exit after finished the silent in the brand publicity, omega specially built 007 mark, even at 7 007 small gun chart captive the heart of how much the fans and the fans.
From George clooney, nicole kidman, chapter to the international, combining, omega constantly telling the celebrity represents my heart.
David Beckham is one hundred spirit endorsements in the first place and still attracted a lot of people exclaimed: he is a fan, fan of his family were pain! Replica Rolex, as a representative of the durable watches under the new era of nature are adored by the celebrities, especially sports, tourism talent and business celebrity’s first choice. But Replica Rolex does not specify the brand spokesman, also had a flood of advertising, seems to be composed low-key Replica Rolex, it seems, like you wear, the more people wear itself is the best endorsement for the product and the approval, accepted the word of mouth naturally. Huan is king, do not need to advertising.
Jane said the secondary market
There is a topic that can’t be ignored is the secondary market. Good second-hand market is an effective booster of market sales, imagine to buy back the watches can maximise value and even become a hard currency, who don’t want to buy one, even if only buy for fun even stood without also won’t regret it.
But so far the omega far less popular Replica Rolex. Replica Rolex besides buyers should thank you for your appreciation, still should thank crazy watches fan of Italy, second-hand price as early as a powerful driving force is lovely and crazy fans. As salesroom is necessary, there is no advantage compared with the number of omega, Replica Rolex almost every items share even accounted for most of the total, let nature of good auction closing and the strong price auction company willing to hustle for the collect to form a good circulation.
Replica Rolex and omega, the two brands can always inspire people to put together the intercomparison of interest, what’s more, the brand itself. In one hundred, on the other hand, the competition is better than one hundred years of solitude. In the one hundred years of exploration and evolution, the two eventually formed a distinctive brand DNA. For the problem of how to choose, at the end of the day or purely personal preferences. Only rational competition and healthy competition between each other, to brand to go further.


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