Aliexpress rolex watches with Flagship for 60th anniversary

This seems to be a different year, although there are many brands in a paragraph, engraved Memorial, the past year and this year, several brands will agree without prior without previous consultation history from 1957 this year, so a lot of watches 60 anniversary birthday gift, it is worth mentioning is that these watchess are famous not small, such as aliexpress rolex watches‘s two pa (PA, super iron horse, hippocampus), such as Longines’s flag, but this year the Advisor alarm watch is Tudor in 60 years, but the main push of the Tudor Kai for Biwan, so don’t say. Today is the protagonist of Longines banner, this series is the first time I heard that several years ago in a friend, she was just married soon, usually wearing a Longines flag series steel bracelet watch, she is also a Longines watch Mr. banner, two lovers, friends wedding wedding gift. This is something I have a deep impression, because it is not common to send the couple as a wedding gift watches, another reason is that the occupation disease (then feel hopeless).
Longines Flagship 60 anniversary
So I wonder, took over a simple look, to be honest, ugly in appearance, so did not pay much attention, then check the next in the series, only to find that many people love. Today, go to see the flag series website, will find a very interesting phenomenon, engraved in a classic engraved inside the series, and the independent banner series, still very elegant, in essence is still there when the flag of the shadow, but canceled the “Flagship” mark the bottom cover is not the ship in waves excited Yong Jin warships, but at the end of.
This year is the sixtieth year series of the flag, for this reason, Longines launched a series of flags Anniversary Edition, this watches is very good-looking. First of all, it is the mistress needle design, this is the first point of the way; secondly, Logo is a three-dimensional marking; third, when the standard is not only a stereo, and 8 time scale for the fully faceted spears, very luxurious; fourth, flowers “Flagship” standard, and very classic; fifth meter shell closed bottom, bottom cover again drawing the warship pattern, after Shuoyuan cases. Of course, there is a very important point, the case size of 38.5 mm, not just good. This watch is worn, of course, very beautiful, very attractive, the disk is very clean, so from the perspective of life with the point of view, this watches only pull the time watches to be more worthy of attention.
A lot of people are familiar with the modern flag, but the flag series I think is a very delicious watches. In 1957, the golden age for the development of mechanical watches, Longines entered the Advanced tab banner is a comprehensive high-end watches, this is so, because it is the core of high, but also contains the steel and precious metals two choices. At that time, generally, only the use of precious metal watch is expensive, and this tradition has lasted for several decades, are used during the complex watches most of the precious metals, and of course to the high-end brand gold statue. At that time Longines also launched a number of 18K, 14 gold watches, but I want to say more than that, Longines flag a few real high-end watches, except in the case of precious metals, even the dial is gold, this is not the same.
Gold shell, gold watch chain, Longines.
No matter what age, pocket watch, and watch the heyday of the modern period, gold dial are important elements of senior, of course also allows us to see the brilliant golden age of watchmaking. In my impression, some of the Vacheron Constantin watches, aliexpress rolex watches sign a few flagship and some art watches will use gold, Longines at that time is a tabulation of big brands, but not in the position to compete with those high-end brands, it may have this ambition, so Longines series is equipped with gold which shows the flag special. I’m impressed, because Flagship actually can also be translated as flagship, plus the Flagship dial marked above the three stars, so when such a precious metal watch with a gold plate, I want to look, in addition to diamond, it has the luxury to the extreme.
Bottom cover
Despite the fact that Longines’s Kankas at the time also has such a flagship watches, but Flagship plus three stars, giving a sense of a Samsung flagship. In today’s antique watches market, still can find Longines Samsung flagship gold watches, the price is not high, in more than 20 thousand, while the average disk K gold watchcase good friend of the flag, also 10 thousand rail steel shell, thousands of yuan, so the antique flag is the son playing pieces has a good price. But these watchess are the ancestors of the modern flag, so it is quite interesting.
The publicity posters
The flag series is relatively high, because from the point of view, in the design, we see the antique watches series including modern watches, the use of solid metal inlay scale disk is more three-dimensional; secondly winged hourglass for logo metal inlay, very specific; third, the dial is generally smooth and clean. Not too much decoration; fourth, the bottom cover drawing a warship. To sum up, the design is very simple, very classic, not outdated, but also a representative element, such a watches is relatively easy to continue, with the use of advanced materials, can give people the feeling of the watches.
30L movement
So in terms of movement, it is the leader of Longines’s new technology. In 1955, Longines developed mingzhenyishi based hand.

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