Aliexpress rolex sumbariner watches New models changes

As early as 1967, Aliexpress rolex watches launched the first oyster – type diving chronometer. For 50 years, this series of every new product, uphold the excellent waterproof function and unique oyster type structure design, become the ideal lovers of watches and clocks one of diving, is seen as one of professional diving legend. In 2017, in the highly anticipated Basel show, rolex again will be the new sea to a climax, the legendary series inject watchcase size amplification and two unprecedented new element, make it shining again this is attractive, as one of the most component of the masterpiece on table shows. Here, take a look at the home of the wristwatch.

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For the first time, single scarlet letter and bubble mirror are integrated into the modern sea
Left: new sea make right: old sea make
Rolex will for the first time two classic brand design into the new SEA divers watch dial, one for the bottom of the SEA – DWELLER in wrist watch brand series, the scarlet letter marked in red for the dial is added with a color beauty, highlight the characteristics of brand SEA make type, salute original SEA type of wrist watch. Secondly, rolex date shows a magnifying glass, before the sea diving watches is one type of calendar, magnifying glass, the reason is because the first sea diving depth of the type of wrist watch and watch mirror material limit, for the sake of the safety of the wrist watch, so has been useless. Until the blue crystal vitreous mirror is popular today, strength already is not a problem, so this time join, not only the expansion of calendar function, but also be a series enhancement quality signal.wholesale replica rolex watches.

In addition, there is a slightly enlarged stainless steel case
Aliexpress Rolex sea series diving watch
The previous sea made the surface of the submersible form 40 mm, and this time the new sea surface is designed to be 43 mm, which is more delicate and ornamental. It is worth mentioning that the thickness of the wristwatch stays the same as the diameter of the watch increases, making the sensory fibers thinner and the overall structure more harmonious.
904L stainless steel case
The stainless steel case with a 43mm 904L stainless steel case is presented with excellent sensory enjoyment after the polishing process. Equipped with sea make type one-way 60 minutes scale turns, with the brand of the patent black circle Cerachrom word, and not easy loss of ceramics, even by ultraviolet irradiation will not fade, reveal the steady quality of brand. Patent helium valve located at the side of the case, the dive can keep watch of wrist of internal and external pressure balance, to prevent it surfaced helium cannot discharge form the pressure difference inside and outside, destroy the watch.

Aliexpress Rolex patent waterproof crown
As in the past, the waterproof crown of the rolex patent is used, and the triple lock system can be used to balance the waterproof performance of the wrist watch while operating the wrist watch, which is very reliable.
Black dial
On the black dial with solid texture, after the PVD coating technology, the logo appears more detailed, with the central time and three needles set off against each other, presenting the rolex diving table with a single copy of the dial charm. In addition, a Chromalight night light coating is covered by the pointer and the clock, which gives off a bright blue light in the darker environment, making the present time clear and beautiful.
The type 3235 movement
Like rolex’s oyster type, it is very reliable to guarantee excellent water resistance and close. Equipped with 14 patented technologies, the brand has a 70-hour power reserve with a 32-35 model. Configure the rolex patent Chronergy escapement system. The new escapement system is made of nickel phosphorus and is not only efficient and reliable, but also free of magnetic interference. It is also the first time that rolex has applied the latest technology to its sports utility model.
904L stainless steel solid chain oyster chain
The oyster type three rows of the classic link bracelet, connect a oyster type insurance discount, rolex Glidelock extension system, through convenient fine-tuning, for more joint and wrist watches, don’t fall off easily, very reliable.

Aliexpress Rolex sea series diving watch
With its superior and superior performance and excellent style, this rolex sea diving watch has become a hot item of interest this year. In particular, the modification of the dial and table diameter, and the use of the 3235 machine core, it is full of the infinite freshness and attraction, and has many watch and watch lovers. If you like this wristwatch, please be patient and wait for it to go public.

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