Why is the ultrathin sheet thin for aliexpress rolex watches

In today’s aliexpress rolex watches, there is a certain type of watches, is the darling of the consumer eyes, treasure is the industry’s eyes, but have been expert of slam the door, it is like a beautiful floating dream, we are eager to the good, indulge don’t want to wake up, this is the thin sheet. In 1960, the earl of first to launch the world’s most thin chain on the automatic machine core 12 p, stir tabulation, two years later, released 1466 u Eterna automatic mechanical movement, at this point, the clock and watch brand is revealed to us an important development direction of modern mechanical watch, it is in the pocket watch period of breakthrough, watches and clocks on the premise of convenient practical (scared), further miniaturization. In 1976, ETA 2892 was based on 1466 u (Eterna is ETA’s former club), since then, ultra-thin is no longer a top clock manufacturer’s patent, as long as you want to do of ultra-thin watch, do not need to spend a lot of research and development costs, can be easily achieved. After 40 years of popularity, ETA 2892 has become a common machine for everyday ultrathin watches, and an average person can have a very thin watch without a lot of money.

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Based on ETA 2892, the slim watch is about 7 mm thick
What is the attraction for us
It is true that the watches on market countless, walk into a store and sell watches can be seen the counter, watch the broad, seems to have can not represent any meaning, only good watches, to express the so-called wealth, taste and taste, in the “good” watches, ultra-thin are clearly on the list. So what kind of watch is a super thin watch? That so far there is no official verdict, but also has the outline of a vague, such as automatic watch overall thickness within the 7 mm, can calculate ultra-thin, if reached within 5 mm, then you are in the industry, I give you some a praise. Manual mechanical watches can often be made thinner, and within 6mm they are extremely thin. This data is not nonsense, has some theoretical basis, will be introduced later.

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The product home ultrathin master series monthly watch
Since there are so many watches, what does thinness mean to us? Since its birth, the watch has a basic mission – convenience. Watch more convenient than a pocket watch, ultra-thin watches is more convenient than ordinary watch, of course, because it is thin enough, so no matter what kind of clothes you wear, it can easily hide in cuffs, not stuck in there, ultra-thin light watches common component at the same time, not hand, wear up very easily. Also, because of its small size, it is easy to carry in any watch box and even put it in your pocket. From the perspective of daily wear and carry, the ultrathin watches has obvious advantages.
The earl of Altiplano automatically clocks the world’s thinnest automatic chronometer
The ultrathin watches also represents elegance. Elegant basic has been using the word rotten, elegant the word used to describe a good watch together, it is a bit old, but I still want to use the word, because I believe that everybody thinks still is longing for the elegant, also not be twisted off. Elegant and decent, not only reflected in the appearance of the most important is the manners of bearing, we can spend some money to buy something to grace, but tolerance is can’t buy with money, the bearing will develop a unique vision, they will let elegant sends out a real attraction. Ultrathin sheet of elegant, is a kind of bearing, a kind of delicate, a kind of extreme beautiful pursuit, we found that is not just watch and modern electronic products, in order to advocate the idea of a “better life”, are perfectly simple, thin, thin often means a good, strong technological, easy to be close to, but are placed into the scenery everywhere. Ultra-thin watches this graceful, when you wear on your wrist, naturally, but we should also recognize that who can’t count on a thin watches to save the image of a slovenly, ultrathin sheet of elegant, is a kind of icing on the cake.

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Why is the connoisseur so indifferent to excess
Since the ultrathin list gives us a good vision, why doesn’t the connoisseur buy it? Experts don’t reward ultra-thin, this is not my arbitrary, but there are certain facts, the expert points two kinds, one is the senior practitioners, are a player or collector. If you have a watch friends, you go and ask him slim watches is worth to buy, he is unlikely to recommend for the most part, because they know, ultra-thin watches due to the parts of high precision, and small, are more likely to fail, and apart from the common core of like 2892, most of the ultra-thin watches are brand sophisticated products, the maintenance cost is high, the cycle is long, to sum up is more troublesome. There is a place where there is a cottage, and with that ultimate grace, it is natural to sacrifice part of the durability.
What is the attitude of senior players to thinness? From over the auction market, ultra-thin rarely in the salesroom stand out from the watches, what is the amazing performance, even in the presence of auction, ultrathin sheet is not much, from this perspective, ultra-thin watches in the sight of players in general is not too good box office. But we see that there are a lot of players, will buy from some channels like earl 9 p, 12 p to modified watches, they can really play a thin watches, but just have a hand, eventually preserved watches, very few ultrathin sheet, unless it’s some ultrathin sheet of special value, such as product home three asked the tourbillon automatic watches, ultra-thin vacheron constantin 1731 ultra-thin 3 q.

There are several reasons for the development of thin core
Nevertheless, tabulation factory still constantly explore the limits of ultra-thin, and emphasize the manufacturability and the complexity of the ultra-thin watches, for a factory to produce the world’s thinnest watch, apparently revolutionary significance, because it really represents the watches factory technical strength. According to the current production equipment, precision in the production of ultra-thin watches is not not, but a watches factory to do the most thin, often need to overcome two difficulties, one is the structure must be changed, today, the traditional mechanical structure of the limit of thin basic already hard to dig, so change the mechanical structure is to make the machine do thinner one direction; One is equipment, precision in thin sheet, the smallest components may be a screw, the thinnest part may be a gear, if there is a ball bearing, it could be the inside of the ball, these components are so small that it is difficult to use the manual to deal with, but in a very small space, allows the production of tolerance is very small, that the precision of the processing, the general CNC lathe can’t do it at all, this is the place where a factory strong, only a production equipment of the tiny components, is worth millions. From these two perspectives, it is remarkable to be able to make a watch factory that is thin or even the thinnest watch, and they represent innovation and top production techniques.
The fine craftsmanship of bulgari OCTO, the world’s thinnest flywheel
Ultra-thin core, often for complex function to pave the way. In history, with a few brands will slim as a characteristic, a lot of factory, did not emphasize this point, such as patek philippe 240 movement is only 2.4 mm thick, already very close to the world’s thinnest automatic movement. Patek philippe, integrator, Abby, earl and so on, one of the top watchmakers, often with another purpose in the initial development of the ultra-thin core – paving the way for complex functions. For watches factory, development of a complex machine core is not an easy thing, the more complex functions at the same time, the bigger the movement is thick, so how to make the complex movement can do it more thin, but also is easy to implement, first develop a ultra-thin movement of the machine, then on its structure and function, is the ideal choice, patek philippe, product such as at the beginning development of ultra-thin movement, in order to increase the function, is not each category watch movement to separate research and development.

Jiangshidan 1731 super thin 3 ask wrist watch
Someone has to be the best in the world. Every industry progress, need to rely on some of the top companies to settle, explore the development of the industry boundary, so from that point of view, someone has to make the most of the world, before the earl, product family, vacheron constantin, do more now and join the other brands, obviously it is a good thing for senior watchmaking. Although from a consumer point of view, the thinnest watch, often not practical, citizen’s thinnest solar watch every error up to dozens of seconds, but quote “the innovation itself is more important than to practical innovation achievements”.
So, why is it thin? Obviously it’s not a question of having a fixed answer, and when you look at it in a different way, it’s going to be completely different. To me, of course I like ultra-thin watch, also willing to consume a thin watches, just for a comforwatches and elegant wrist but the premise is that it can’t be too fragile, so do not pursue the thinnest, also have to have to afford. wholesale replica omega watches.

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