At the same time, the Shanghai
exhibition is also the second RESSAR Vape exhibition in Shanghai, which is expected to have
more than 300 exhibitors and 500 brands.
During the same period, Justfog E cigs Q16 electronic cigarettes
online will be toby, hand in hand together for domestic specifications of the highest and
largest consumer, new retail conference and exhibition, RESSAR Vape new retail supply
chain fair, combining online and offline and used in various industries, looking for new ways
to sales growth, fresh air to make electronic cigarette industry.
October golden autumn,
fashionable culture and electronic cigarettes, creating a cross culture feast
On October 20 to
22, 2018, by Justfog E cigs Q16 electronic cigarettes online and Beijing QuCheng exhibition co-hosted the
2018 Beijing international electronic cigarette distribution, to join the exhibition
experience] will be in Beijing international RESSAR Vape exhibition center (old both) held as scheduled.
The last sentiment, is expected to 2018 electronic cigarettes in Beijing exhibition exhibition
area of more than 10000 m2, is expected to have more than 200 exhibitors from more than 20
countries to attend, 20000, is expected to visit the exhibition will introduce cross-border
cultural elements, such as tide culture blocks to build a cultural feast.
In December, the
largest RESSAR Vape exhibition in the southern hemisphere was created
On December 1, 2018-2, by
electronic cigarette trade association, the VAPE KINGZ and Justfog E cigs Q16 electronic cigarettes online
organization, Auckland APAIS BOARD to support the first Oceania international exhibition of
electronic cigarettes will be in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city of New Zealand’s first
exhibition center.
The exhibition for the first in the southern hemisphere Oceania region’s
largest professional electronic cigarettes B2B and B2C exhibition, the first exhibition of
Oceania is expected to have 230 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions to join; Exhibition
organizers will invite more than 100 world famous RESSAR VapeĀ sites and Vape magazine, 120 industry
B2B website and the exhibition site, through various channels at home and abroad all media,
such as the social networking platform tracking propaganda for the exhibition; And it will set
up agents around the world to promote global outreach, which is expected to have a population
of more than 7 million.