It is reported thatĀ SUB TWO Vape the general standard of e-cigarettes is China’s first standard for e-
cigarette, which fills the gap in the field of e-cigarette standard. Previously, the
production of e-cigarettes in China mainly adopted the eu and us standards. The expert group
that participated in the guidelines and reviews of the e-cigarette general standard includes
shenzhen well-known e-cigarette brands and the manufacturers of e-cigarettes.
electronic chamber of commerce, according to relevant controller introduces as the global
tobacco control strength increasing, consumption for deepening health importance, electronic
cigarette is more and more popular with people sought after and. In economically developed
cities, the electronic cigarette consumption market has preliminarily formed, big tobacco
companies began through mergers, acquisitions and other ways for the consumers of electronic
cigarette market, 90% of the world’s electronic cigarette manufacturer in China, among them,
70% of the industry to be born in shenzhen and surrounding areas.
The first live column of the urban channel of shenzhen TV station, the head of firearm e-cigarette brand gao bei

above background, e-cigarette industry enterprises call for establishing their own standards,
do well in foreign markets and develop domestic market, and create e-cigarettes suitable for
Chinese tastes as soon as possible.
SUB TWO VapeĀ  co., LTD., as the smoke of shenzhen
electronic chamber of commerce unit to attend the expert evaluation of electronic cigarette
general standard and news release conference, firearms e-cigarettes as a Chinese brand, the
recent new firearms SUB TWO Vape e-cigarettes red network,.